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Spotlights on what's on

Haven't done browsing through the what's on pages of Melbourne Film Life for a couple of weeks, so this idea of the meet up gave me an idea to do just that now.

By the way, how do you go about checking what is currently screening and what you might be interested in? I used to go to citysearch/film as they had a pretty comprehensive list of all the films currently screening, and then I could look up individual films or sessions. This works well when you are reasonably aware of the new releases, so I would mostly be checking when are the films screened rather than what they are, but if the titles came up that I haven't heard about I would look them up as well. Other than than I'm subscribed to just about every newsletter (Palace, ACMI, Nova etc), so I get the news from there as well, but I find I often don't read them, as I'm aware of most films and I would be looking at sessions when I am ready to go.

Unfortunately, citysearch has changed their website interface to a degree where I now find them incredibly cumbersome, but my three mobile film channel offers something similiar. Actually, I just realised it's also available without the mobile - - it's a bit lighter on a mobile.

Anyway, so the films I want to see currently are/or recommend to others:

1. "Sorrow and pity" (1969) - it's a documentary about Nazi occupation of France by Max Ophuls who is much more famous for his feature films. A must see for film and history lovers.


3.Bra Boys (I actually have a free ticket, so I need to use it and it will be something different for me:))

4.U-Carmen e-khayelitsha - I have seen this film at MIFF 2005 and highly recommend it, it's a South African contemporary take on Carmen, very funny yet powerful, if you like opera and prepared to laugh at a different interpretation this film is a delight.

5.The Host - incredibly funny Korean thriller about a mutated monster (a shark crossed with giant lizard type of thing) haunting Seoul. Apart from the usual chases and action scenes this film is distingished by a hilarious dysfunctional family dynamics, the result is a kind of cross between "Little Miss Sunshine" and "Men in Black", where the family that can't really look after themselves are faced to save the world from a horrible alien monster. ( I have seen it at MIFF2006, so just recommending it to you all)

6. The Singer - it's part of French Film Festival, but will be released from 4th of April, and I'll probably see it then. Gerard Depardieu plays a singer at a restaurant, too old, too experienced, not really getting anywhere anymore, who falls in love with a young lass and ... well, it's a French film, so what could possibly happen next? Should we organise the meet-up around this film, maybe?

7. Perfume, the story of a murderer - it has the most ridiculous session times, but I'd like to see it before it will be out of the cinemas.
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