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russian films

i'm meeting with someone who writes in russian next week; this has me thinking about russian film.

i used to be able to read and speak a bit of russian. about 15 years ago... and i also took a course in slavic cinema in uni. got to see some great stuff i never would have heard of otherwise. the usual tarkovsky and eisenstien stuff, but also modern films (for 15 years ago). one called White Bird with a Black Spot and one called Repentance.

but that's not what i'm writing about now. i'm writing now about Day Watch.

Day Watch is the sequel to Night Watch. have you heard of night watch? now you have. think about it like the sequel the Matrix deserved except without all the idiotic computer stuff. while the story is a bit wonky (due to being trimmed from a much longer book), the style and effects are visionary. truly stunning stuff.

i just thought i'd bring these films to your attention. you can probably find Night Watch for rent or on the net and you should keep your eyes out for Day Watch hitting the theatres. based on the shorts, it's going to be worth seeing on a big screen.
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