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i just watched A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints.


i'd heard about it when it was playing and missed my opportunity to see it in the theatres. kicking myself because the writer/director dito montiel was actually in melbourne speaking at the Nova for a special screening. we were busy moving, though.

here's some of the best praise i can give a film:

at no time during the movie did i notice the actors.

all of them. the famous ones, like dianne wiest or robert downey jr., and the unknown ones like channing tatum. even though most of them were teenagers. all of them were so real that i never thought about them as actors.

and the way the film was shot; so rough and messy -- it just felt like you were there, alive then, involved.

it's not a pretty story. but i liked it. maybe you can tell.

and after watching a passel of films with crazy ideas and involved plots, all so cool and so avant guard, this is the one i've got nothing but good things to say about.

because i believed it. it's ugly and sloppy and real.

i think you should watch it.
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