xz (troublonia) wrote in vicflicks,

the power of nightmares

watched the first part of this very cool BBC doc last night called The Power of Nightmares.

it's all about the war on terror and the first section (it's three one-hour episodes) covers who exactly the American Neo-Conservatives are and where they come from, and who the Islamists are and where they come from.

pretty interesting stuff. definitely stop-and-think kind of stuff. not that i'm sure i agree with what it's saying, but thinking is GOOD.

it's free for download/streaming if you google for it.

we also watched Happy Feet which couldn't have been dumber unless it was directed by John Travolta. great animation, but i have NO idea what they hell it was supposed to be about. dancing penguins? i miss the George Miller who made Babe and Road Warrior!
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